Protein-rich miso was introduced to Japan by 7th century buddhist monks, who believed miso to be a gift from the gods to mankind, assuring health, longevity and happiness.  High protein, high bio-available iron and vitamins, with 3x the bio-availability due to fermentation, made miso a crucial component of the Samurai diet. 

In this Bouley at Home Cooking Class Demo, Chef will show you the versatility of miso applied to home cooking, used as a seasoning, to tenderize, as a marinade for fish tartare, in sauces, to cure meat, cure and change the texture and flavor of fish and to deglaze like a Samurai, taking your cooking to the next level of nutrition and umami.

Fresh from a trip to Japan, Chef will discuss the chemical properties and process of making of Miso from soy, koji and salt fermented for a year.  Each province of Japan has its unique miso, refined by prefecture to improve on the same ancient process varying with regional ingredients and tastes.