NHK & Chef David Bouley’s documentary:
“The Magic of a dish:
great journey of training in Japan
will air on NHK BS Premium Channel 3
Saturday 23rd March, 7:30p.m-9:00pm

ひと皿の魔法 NY天才シェフ 日本修業の旅

The Documentary will air in Japanese (viewing is limited to Japan). It will be coming to the US once English subtitles are edited; please join our email list to be notified of the release date !!

A super talented Chef David Bouley in New York closed his flagship restaurant and set out on a journey around Okinawa, Nagano, Noto, Osaka and Hokkaido to improve his knowledge about healthy cuisine!
He was trying to make the highest beautiful health dish !
This is the special and rare gourmet show!


A talented Chef Bouley . Beautiful dishes made from  his original ideas are often called “Bouley Magic”
NYの天才シェフ デービッド・ブーレイ氏。 独創的な発想から生まれる料理の数々は”ブーレイ・マジック”と称される。

Chef Bouley cooked special dishes incorporating traditional ingredients for local elder people at Ogimi village in Okinawa.

Special sardine dish with plenty of local ingredients from Noto

能登の食材をふんだんに使った料理。 イワシが特別なひと皿に!