Why Chef David Bouley Treats Food as Medicine – Worth, October 11, 2019

Bouley and a growing number of medical professionals are championing the idea of healing ourselves through what we eat.

David Bouley is drizzling vanilla-infused olive oil on the back of my hand and urging me to lick it.

“Vanilla is a pre- and a probiotic. It’s a fermented bean, so it supports your health,” says the robust 66 year-old, multi-Michelin-starred chef. “Put a little vanilla oil on a sliced tomato, add some good balsamic vinegar and you’re going to sit down and think that you are a genius. You can’t believe how good this tastes.”

One of Bouley at Home’s signature dishes: Forager’s treasure of wild mushrooms. Photo by Francesco Sapienza

In a wide-ranging discussion during which he waxes poetic over a crate of freshly picked, local chicken of the woods mushrooms and the virtues of wild purple yams from Okinawa, Japan, Bouley makes a compelling case for how America’s industrial food complex has hurt us, and what we can do to restore our health through food.